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this fiction of mine laboured tightly in the skull of memories and mysteries worked to the wheel by furies who deal the willing thread in...

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

now when our hero has fallen

now when our hero has fallen straight down and directly
hit bottom he walks on living stones set as a path narrow
across the needle eye unendurable and unsanctioned
he peers defiant into the untrodden path disappearing
in the dead of nights beyond convinced that no death
comes without certain errors suffered by degrees in time

crawling through the hole his hands burst on fire sudden his
sight darkens the only one unblinded by faith he walks at
last free of terror at ground zero among the rest faithfully  
bleeding his thoughts to fuel the recipient mother vessels
flying to great beyonds each of them full with treatises
of our lore and a great black bible holding the claims for evil
to what is simply explained with plain observance and reason
failing our hero dumbfounded tho filled with honors at heart

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