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Saturday, November 23, 2013

i love america # 33

(rough day for a rogue vigilante on the run)

saddened but unfortunately not surprised
-said the wife who took the opportunity
to have him served with divorce papers
while in jail

i don’t think he’s going to hurt himself
or anyone else –said his attorney

there was a choking she didn’t report
to the police –said the prosecutor

he mentioned suicide in the past saying
he had nothing to lose –said the girlfriend

she’s in fear for her safety –said the d a

you broke my glass table you put your gun
in my fuckin face telling me to get the fuck
out –says the girlfriend in the released
audio of calls made to the police

what kind of weapon –asks the 911 operator

a shotgun he has all of his guns inside
both the shotgun and his a r and his two
handguns -says the girlfriend

an AR-15 –asks the operator

yeah –says the girlfriend

my girlfriend has gone crazy on me
she’s got a 9 millimeter
i have my firearms
i mean we keep it next to the bed
she’s pregnant with our child
as i started to pack my stuff to go
she just completely changed
i just wanted to leave –says the vigilante
in another police released audio recording

why are you calling –asked the dispatcher

i just want everyone to know the truth –the
vigilante replied

she’s not pregnant no one was hurt during
the incident –police said

in a related news his lawyer revealed he’s
$2.5 million in debt

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