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Thursday, December 26, 2013

leddeliverance and the last bust

by the end of seventyfour everyone 
had been busted done minor time or was on parole
–imagine the word-
either possession consuming sale or intent to sell
was on the score (add paraphernalia galore 
with all of the above) and worst of all 
the gang had gone to the dogs with circles in tow
even cliques of two and ragtag combinations
with a common destination
space and deep space and beyond if you got lucky
and with the ever present hard rock band 
plowing the way to make sure you got there alright
specially with all the hard dope of choice in
_or choiceless_ only eager to consume the same
to go along all the way or quasi
what do you have to lose was the general consensus
_nobody’d change their style
if anything some had gotten quite paranoid 
that’s all _it was the way to go
next day you’d be at work
smoke joints drop something snort shoot whatever
carol said they played stairway to heaven endlessly
at the factory and everytime someone freaked out
you’d hear houses of the holy rising over the din
and miraculously things would start to fall into
place and charley would doze off 
or stop barfing so
when the rumor started about the zeppelin 
comin’ to orchard park with their new album
which hadn’t even come out
the excitement threw us in a frenzy
with casualties all about 
randy crashed his dodge kenny quit his band
charlene ended up at meyer hospital again
donnie got ripped off big buying drugs in virginia
street and i got blamed for it 
it was a mess
but then the new album was out and everything
appeared to be tidy _it was huge 
no one believed it’d be better than zosa
and the rollercoaster was on its own now
_when tickets went on sale we had ours

then there were news about trouble in florida 
boston rumors of cancelled shows
but we were high on a roll
nonstop the turntable wearing the score 
until a crash thundered and i opened my eyes
to a man pointing me with a gun
saying something about drugs in the fridge
and policemen plain-clothes and dogs 
swarmming in my home
and the top dog asking me to become a rat
so i went to jail holding a ticket for a zeppelin
recital a farewell concert 
or the last of the first leg i forget
finally the blimp went west 
while i spent thirty days in the can
before putting up bail just in time to catch
Joe Walsh being formidable
as the season announced summerfests 
and it went well
a regular hot summer with rains at dawn 
while staying up taking on the night full
with Rock'n'Roll and heartbreak moves
and physical graffiti blaring out of every car 
until summer came to a close with the bars
at the lake and indian ed -the snitch- 
put a gun to his mouth and blew his head

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