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Friday, February 28, 2014

the star shines

the star shines and shines as it has for long  
we have been told a story about its glow  
from the first finders to the latest keepers        
but it’s a sight we behold now on our own           
see the sliteyed plowman looking up in earnest       
watches for rain as he rages at the horses        
with the steel unturned no deadlier cut he knows     
but his own his demeanor scares the bejesus         
of all onlookers the ok kraal a strange sight       
with travelers and transients all the mangers taken 
one in striking glow sliteyed awaits mutters curses      
at random the curious crowd flinching stays put         
_it’s assembling time at the starred sidewalk_         
everyone bows intently staring at the first born     
to a pair unknown among the earthly throng        
who journeys on unbeknown to stars beyond    
oblivious of the score just holding on to a sham 
promise of life evermore crying at every dark turn     
yet blind in trust nod to the archpriest modish   
with the naked blade and the noodle fork in hand    
at the ready sliteyed driver smirks spits in fun

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