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Tuesday, March 26, 2013



i was conceived like my mother’s womb
sultry as the sweat rubbing warmest
on a summer night long through the fresh
dawn bursting on the senses never
knowing the allotted time at the peak
but having the savor of my rider rise
like smoke blowin’ out of my mind

ooh i kept telling you lies viciously
about a night longest yet
where love’d ride all the encores
we were to run it through
we weren’t fed up no
that’s one notion we got quite well
once we did we sanctioned the trade
with our very own flesh show

we’ve heard it all and now we’ve done
it all once we’ve become it got hard
to quit the way it was envisioned
in our heads for then we knew we’ve been
put to do a chore with the promise
of a summer love and there was no more
to be done least we collapsed our hearts
like the cigarettes in the tray
ooh and you kept saying forever

we’ve heard it all
we understand quite well
love’s requital’s in the heat
of a night at summer peak
light another cigarette

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