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Monday, March 18, 2013

responsible victim

in the beginning there was light dazzling in the biggest bang
flash darkness loose sub par emotional to blind your every
choice and trip you as you kiss that you should crawl the lot
in bliss with lust that knows not more than the pain it gives
and takes the hell bittersweet and vain honey knows so well

(everyone had a third uncle or maid incestuous some sort
of baron saturday who would milk your coupling exploits
to his gain because your will could be coaxed sans effort)

presently she knows it unconsciously maybe for nothing
is forever and dazzled she pleads remission but it’s a life
sentence with such knowledge one that stupefies the trunk
and branches conditioned it is flesh and mind so she shouts
her story crude as it is reliving the unrepresentable
experience obliterating all belief with its awareness
of sacrifice and surrender and it tells the same wound
daily in a jaunt of suffering and satisfaction
she walks the boulevard in the narrow
naked at the red light flashing her eyes
marquee one more barren blue night as she
rounds her heart on the shadow of her lips
to demise in smoke the blossoming eve
and mirrors hint of shades purple and green

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