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Saturday, June 21, 2014

loose kite at the beach moving out over the waters

kite my kite
flying high
it took the dreams
it took the gold
it took the blood
it went to china

sud den ly
i wanna cry
why why

(it got loose off my hand oh so gently
later on i thought it had slipped purposedly
from my clasp and i ran the slope down
the sand bogging my every leap  
i went directly splashing into the water
and started swimming after the loose string
seemingly hovering but drifting away
toward the high seas
and for a moment i knew i’d catch it
even as i heard familiar voices calling
to let it go
and then i saw the string no more
just my kite growing small and shinning
in the last rays of one hot afternoon sun
with waves breaking ever close to my mind

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