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Thursday, March 27, 2014

hindu shite

doggone man where have you been
                     ‘tis strange
how we go ‘round time and space

who can tell the numbers that equate
the stage in the colosseum with a quine
guitar wail or one in verona  with a darn
ionescu play
oh don’t go loving me now
your destiny is done if you had one
yeah you’re lookin quite the same
but the four legged walk _’tis new
and the shaking off of the rain

why have you come back (wasn’t the
barger paid were you turned out at the
gate) once we met in the water wade
then again when you made me captain
next when we crave for the horizon
and so on _we went on becoming but
you are no more and you are again
this goin’ round i can’t understand
exiled on mean streets in the milky
way and fit with a lifetime everyday
like a mongrel chasing his tragedy
you may beat destiny with a movement
of your tail
now (no one cares)
the specks of light on a heaven’s night
will be there yet at summer’s end

i said enough (don’t love me now)
  you entered with my breath
     and i’m following winds
        shadows of an apparition
and white recurrent light
floods my roomful of gifts
  among them
     keeps a tinderbox
        subscriptions from hell

(-dog’s barking outside dad
-yeah i get him out of the rain

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  1. i, the sole perpetrator of these trespasses, sincerely apologize to the only person of hindu beliefs i know of (digitally at that) and to all my indian acquientances, for the misguided title of this piece...i'm not one to belittle or disabuse personal beliefs...cheerio

    Emilio Marengo

    Emilio Marengo