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Friday, September 6, 2013

everyone is gifted with fear and faith

everyone is gifted with fear and faith
in its breath to live beyond its earthly
inheritance with plain memory and hope
in the mist of alternative shootouts
(when in the queue or elsewhere
 _better make it a rule -just
 anywhere- mind the telling
 gestures signals ground writings
for in due time we all get the call to be
in the game and we must be affixed
with a pledge in spite of any handicap
or ability

hardest is to be picked out as fisherman
or tax collector _no head role's welcome_
(the outcome's well known and the cross)
but the question is how to achieve the will
for holiness being trapped in cosmic flesh
and blood and with the universe inherited
as a mental block and one toils to strike
a mark to see justice on the score though
at long last one couldn’t expect to be
remembered at all

so while on the road we meet at rest-stops
over proverbial cheeseburgers and coke
sometimes one’s too weak (not that the soda
is too strong) and they have to take down
the water-closet door to drag you out

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