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Friday, July 5, 2013

feeling milky way

if we were ever to succeed
we should walk to encounter life
primed and willin _no small feat
after a long haul through the south
west and mexico the cargo
customary cigarettes booze
and illegals_ though unsteady
and blearyeyed but confident
with the perspective of weed wine
and whites and dallas alice last
after every headlight it'd make
sense to hope for glee at long last
to befall the lands of greed grown
in every seed to venom all
but those with good will and resolve
you could begin embracing love
(and the gift of being yourself)
and begin enjoying life fit
with the wink of time at the vile
and the nod of heavens with signs
wondrous and far observed by some
instantly turned to salt never
to return in the endless ride
except perhaps as a verse dark
in the dream of a burned-out gal
in the sleeping cab of a semi
off the road one august night

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