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Sunday, December 16, 2012

sunny day on the bleachers at dodgers stadium...

sunny day on the bleachers at dodgers stadium
(no errors) and on the strip (no snafus)

come on let's merry go merry go poopoo
would you like an original song for a dime
get your original song here for a dime
is it over for me and is it over for you
is it your dog it looks more like you

mother don't worry about me
I'll get a job I'll go straight
only sometimes I have the pep 
and this thing called the mope 
that everybody's doing
(-you say i hate you
 and attacked me with a knife
 you must get well and be brave)
but I am
I went around the bend so fast
I'm moving so fast yeah going around
just like a circle

oh I twisted myself alright
I used to be shy mother
(-there's larry walking down the street
 he doesn't talk to anybody
 you're insane fischer)

I was crazy when I was young
and wrote The Rocket Rock
I would say I'm a normal everyday person
don't roll
I'm gonna tie my shoe
(-at last we have an idol
 who's gonna take us from the darkness
 and out of the fog in the depthness
 he is gonna take us into bruises
 cuts bandaids and baby iodine) 

and which way did my girl go 
no cops and robbers today no play
eightyfive times I walked that street
eightyfive times I liked that street
eightyfive times I looked at your feet
(-a dream girl is just what he'll get)

the leaves are fallin
if only I could see you again
I would start my life all over again 
are you rollin

-you rollin!!

Wild Man Fischer

Live Massachusettes College Of Arts, 1986_

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