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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

xx century genes


let’s talk a bit about how we got here 
and how things got this way alright i could 
tell you off the grid but for now it suffices 
to say that some studious people are working
on the fudge to make sense anyways 
it was titled at the septuagint because 
it engages the origin of the world 
ourselves and apropos of the chosen 
people it finds us at the edge when teenage 
wasteland was more like an abyss between 
the orderly forces and heaven (easily 
reached with a rocket in my pocket sung
in low key while holding our breath) so darkness 
was dispersed by a mighty word blowing 
a mighty wind over the silly establishment 
whither the kennedy boys fuck marilyn
in tandem malcolm the man is murdered 
in church by his counsel queer poets declare 
the exact change in their pockets to show 
the power of words awesome in making 
the world virgin again with six tales of might
that tell earth has made good in the milky way...
is it soup yet asked one russian envoy 
as his boss banged his left shoe on the table 
and called for potatoes thus everyone 
could become an international henchman 
as genocide had become of age...turks 
did armenians british did tasmanians 
belgians did congolese and so forth 
climax was reached on the sixth day
the seventh was declared sacred to rest 
but no one paid no mind it's good said man

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