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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

lookin' out of the side window from the 'no name bar'

this unquenchable evil learns me few and many ways
to transgress and expiate hence
penance remains a sham in spite of having been paid
-for instance take a number-
once i awoke and got on with my business
when a sudden discomfort grew in my middle
disrupting a wholesome routine and forced me
to lean back for a few years to consider
a series of inevitable perhaps necessary mishaps
which in turn seized me unexpectedly with alarm
because what had been established was disrupted
not by need it was a change in haste and greed
of ego’s game plan and it kept on growing
avidly in fashion until it burst a vortex
precisely where things arise
and without further cause or trace of will
i found myself oblivious in a shambles
ruin of a place swamped by the flood
i ran up a flight of decrepit stairs to a trembling floor
where i laid and tried to rest
and as i looked at the sky
through the great gap on the walls opened to the fire
i saw in a flaring epiphany a score of disasters
cross the limits of my citadel of psych
viciously coerce me at the gut's level
i tried to order my things but i'm held hostage
having let myself drawn absently
to this mess caging me with the rabble of the earth
so alone and with a promise echoing tall _in short
that every man shall sit under his own three undisturbed
provided he forsakes his own being and puts to death
whatever nature is rooted in earth
_giving it all away to cosmic hells_  flesh blood
smiles delivered as well
all of which in turn i reject  -meanwhile-
i still hear the river flow long and see the sky
lit crimson by man and then i fix holes
that every parched throat may lie well in the sand

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