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Monday, April 4, 2011

say...your number would be...what...

the number of angels who fell from heaven on fire 
winging wildly in the torn wind crying 
is said to be set in the great mercy book
but how many of them found the earthbound way 
is anybody's guess
one sound check with the countless souls 
who through abominable deeds and wicked counsels 
found themselves in the same position
may yield the suspicious data needed to arrive 
at the desired number
any coincidence with the memberchips of one bikers 
gang and their alleged chapters would be matter 
for further consideration though you should know 
that coming down is best in the company of our cohorts 
if only to feel less lonely 
'cause wailing is of no avail when the wind cries mary 
ramona or any number and blows you burnt clean 
leaving life's shadow fixed in a grin

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